DEWALT DW735X 13″ Two-Speed Planer Package

In every job that people do, they always want to finish their job as fast as possible. But despite the fact that they want to finish their job in the most possible time, of course, they don’t want to sacrifice the quality of their job. The quality and level of performance of their job also depend on the equipment they use. In the construction industry, efficient tool like wood planer, dust collector and others are all needed. If you are a worker and you are looking for efficient wood planer, why not try the efficiency of DEWALT DW735X? This wood planer will surely help you in making your job easier. If you have tried to use other wood planer and you failed on it, this time, you will surely come up with quality result.


DEWALT 735 is a perfect tool that can be efficiently used in planning wood. When it comes to the efficiency of this wood planer, you can expect that this can be used even on large materials and wood with absolute simplicity and ease. Upon your purchase of this wood planer, it comes with 2 gear box which can be used in order to change the planer’s speed effectively. DEWALT DW735X helps in optimizing cutting and planning to perfection. You will not only be satisfied with the efficiency of the wood planer but you will also be amazed on the built in dust collector of the machine.
DEWALT 735 is a 13 inch machine with two speed thickness wood planer and 3 knives. The motor of this machine is 20,000 RPM and 15 ampere, which can handle even larger cuts. The 3 knife cutter-head can deliver at least 30% longer life span and it enables the knife to change easier and faster. As mentioned above, it goes along with 2 speed gear box which allows the users to modify the feeding speed for the purpose of optimizing cut with 96 to 179 CPI per inch. This machine is also equipped with chip-ejection which vacuums the chips off the cutter-head. These chips are exhausted out in the machine. This planer will surely take away strain and pain which are all associated in wood cutting and planing.

DEWALT DW735X Specs and Features

• Dewalt 735 has a powerful and strong 20,000 RPM and 15 ampere motor with a cutter-head speed that ranges up to 10,000 RPM or Revolution per minute. This Dewalt planer can take even large cuts regardless of the size of the wood without meeting any problem.
• It comes with 3 knife cutter head that ensures 30% longer service and enables the knife to be change quickly and easily.
• There are an additional knives and outfeed and infeed tables.
• The machine comes with 2 speed gear box which allows the workers to modify the speed so that the cuts for every inch will be at 96 to 179 CPI.
• The chips are kept off on the cutter-head through the process of exhausting them out of the machine; it is efficient done because of the fan-assisted chip vacuum.

DEWALT DW735X Customer Review and Scores

Upon browsing and going through the reviews provided by the customers, majority of them have given positive reviews. They are all happy with the efficiency of this machine. Upon using this Dewalt planer, most of the users have found out that this machine is not only convenient but very suitable and helpful for their job. DEWALT DW735X can be used both on small and large workshop. One of the users said that this machine is one the most efficient machine he had ever used in his years of working.
Although this machine is a bit heavy since it weighs 100.1 pounds, it does not affect the performance and its efficiency. According to one of the users, the dust collector of this Dewalt planer is truly fantastic. It vacuums and exhausts wood chips efficiently. He was able to come up with exceptional work done. And since the blades used are fresh, snipe will not occur and when it comes to the process of making cuts, he was able to produce precise and exact cuts. He even mentioned that this is truly different from his pervious machine.
Other comment regarding this DEWALT DW735X includes the noise produced when planing or cutting wood. This is the only complaint of most users. They said that among the other wood planers they have used, this is the one that produces the loudest noise. However, when it comes to the efficiency and level of performance, this is then the best.
Overall, DEWALT DW735X will surely be the best machine that you can use either for wood cutting and wood planing. This will surely be a great help for your job and take not that it is suitable either for large or small workshops. The money that you have spent for this machine will surely be worth it.

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