DEWALT DWE46170 7- inch Surface Grinding Dust Shroud

DEWALT is known for its line or highly reliable dust collection equipment and has just made the DEWALT DWE46170 7 inches Surface Grinding Dust Shroud available in the market. It is new equipment that every user will surely be amazed when it comes to the quality and design that is innovatively creative. This is being in demand now in the market especially to those who use grinders. It is built durably, making it the best dust cover on grinding equipment.

DEWALT is one of the trusted brands now for dust collection tools, equipment and add-ons. You can always get nothing but good impression when you ask around about DEWALT and its product line. This shroud serves not just as aid in dust collection but also an excellent addition to any grinding equipment. It is superior when it comes to performance, especially when it comes to its unique Perform and Protect Dust feature.

This dust collection has hinged door, and spring loaded that is why it can be very useful when grinding in open area and in flushing edges. This dust collection shroud has another feature that is very unique, the Universal Connector that has the capacity to lock with tools in as simple as a twist and do not require any connecting material like a duct tape in order to hold the hose to the shroud.
The 7” DEWALT DWE46170 Surface Grinding Dust Shroud is also the unit that has the capacity to deliver long lasting performance in any grinding environments. This is so as this item can resist abrasion from the collected debris. It has flexible and very durable materials that allow users to have some adjustments on the pressure as necessary. This is to maintain the contact between the grinding equipment and the shroud without losing the capacity of both on their functions.

Selecting this 7 inches grinding dust shroud by DEWALT DWE46170 will definitely give you the reason to experience the equipment that has highly desirable features for collecting dust associated with grinding surface activities. All of these features are the main reasons why it serves as the best shroud in the market.

Features and Specifications of the 7” DEWALT DWE46170 Surface Grinding Dust Shroud

• It is fully loaded with features and one of these is the Tool Free Clamp System. It is the feature that is very comfortable with all of DEWALT Grinders that are Large Angles
• It has a Universal Connector Lock that allows it to connect into tool with twist and a click.
• This 7” grinding dust shroud by DEWALT is spring loaded with hinge door that serves as a solution to dust collection when using grinders in open area and in grinding flush edge.
• It helps to reduce the exposure of the user to Harmful effects of Silica Dust
• It has a Perform and Protect Feature that allows the user to safely use and have a superior work with this shroud.
7-inch DEWALT Surface Grinding Dust Shroud reviews ad Scores
If you are going to look for the customer reviews of DEWALT dust collection, this model is the best choice that you may have. When it comes to systems, it really functions well and can last with heavy duty grinding activity.
Most users of DEWALT 7″ Grinder Shroud have left good impression. For them, this shroud really works well. There is a clogging issue that has been encountered by one of the customers but then this issue is remote. It continuously works well and until now it is the best choice of that customer who did experience such kind of situation using this DEWALT 7” Surface Grinding Dust Shroud. Because of that reason, most of the customers are also encouraged to purchase again.
Most of the customers gave their impression and recommendation for this shroud to be the best for any model of DEWALT grinders. The comments are almost the same. Purchasers and actual users believed that they did the right thing in trying the DEWALT dust collection for their DEWALT seven grinder. Most customers did experience safe and high performance level in using this dust collection shroud. They highly recommend this to those people who are also looking for high quality dust collection products.
Aside from clogging, some of complaints about the clasping ring of the product are also raised and seen as drawbacks. For these customers, the ring needs more improvement so that it will not pop off especially in the midst of a grinding activity or the like.
To sum it all, the DEWALT 7-inch Surface Grinding Dust Shroud is really an excellent dust collection product by DEWALT. So if you have a DEWALT grinding equipment, there is no better way for you to keep the dust off than to get this 7 inches shroud.

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