DEWALT DWV012 10-Gallon Dust Extractor Review

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Dewalt Dust Extractor

DEWALT is a reputed brand when it comes to industrial power tools as well as accessories. The same is true for its dust collector machines. These products are of high quality and offer just the type of performance you expect from it. Now, if you are looking for a Dewalt dust extractor, you do not need to worry much since wherever you are, you can find such devices online. Ready to know more about this Dewalt dust extractor?

DEWALT DWV012 10-Gallon Dust Extractor

This Dewalt dust collector machine has a 10 gallon capacity and is designed with Automatic Filter Clean technology. The unit is already full-assembled once taken out from its box and is very lightweight. It has a one-switch operation that can be used in selecting tool actuation. The unit offers a number of tie downs and lift points, which are helpful in securing it when scaffolding and during transportation. The locking caster and heavy duty wheels of the unit offer durability at jobsites. The universal hose connector is the one that enables robust connection with the unit’s swivel capability. The unit gives users access to the telescoping handles, which can get from one work area to another. This Dewalt dust collector is among those units integrated with HEPA filters.

The unit efficiently provides quality performance in keeping the jobsite clean both during as well as after any heavy-duty application. Its featured 15-amp motor can deliver 140 CFM airflow for improved suction. It also has a variable suction function allowing users to manually control the suction level and the power to be consumed based on the task to be performed. This portable dust collector from Dewalt is ideal to be used on both dry and wet applications.

This dust collector has a special feature, which is the Exact Dust Extraction function paired with automatic filters. This function guarantees that its cleaning task is not just left to chance. It can leave your working place without much trace of dust because the unit works. The automatic filter is automatically set to clean every thirty seconds continuously. Therefore, you no longer need to manually clean the filter as you finish your tasks for the day. Cleaning is also made much easier with the combination of this feature and its one-switch operation.

DEWALT DWV012 10-Gallon Dust Extractor Features and Specifications

  • Continuous operation of the Automatic Filter Clean function
  • Delivery of maximum suction, made possible because of its 15-Amp motor that enables 140 CFM airflow
  • Has a Power Tool Actuation feature that controls the vacuum’s on or off operation
  • Lightweight and very portable. The unit’s weight is only about 33.5 pounds.
  • The unit is already fully-assembled even before it is taken out of its box.

DEWALT DWV012 10-Gallon Dust Extractor Customer Reviewer and Ratings

There are 2 things that customers appreciated about this Dewalt shop vac air cleaner and these are its design and uses. Many of the users liked the overall design and features of the product. Among these design is the telescoping handle. It allowed them to move the unit around and anywhere with ease. The type of wheels of the unit also helped in this function since it adds to the ease of moving the product.

The overall unit is nicely constructed with every part fitting and snapped together finely. The featured dials feel good and this feature is designed well to click in place as the user selects their preferred suction level or when turning the unit on. The hose connection is well-integrated in the unit too. Storage is not a problem as well. Just wrap the hose in the unit and it will snap into the hose holder while securing the hose nicely.  The sound it produces is only about below 85 decibels. This level of sound is low enough that it allows you to still listen to the radio while the unit is running.

It can be attached to a table saw, planer and other power tools that produce dust. Also, this vacuuming machine is not only useful for your workshop place, but also in cleaning the car, which is what one of the customers reported.

From the reviews made, it can be concluded that this portable dust collector from Dewalt really does the exact things it claimed it will. The customer support of the company is excellent and they respond immediately once contacted. As what one of the customers of the product said, it is guaranteed that the unit will surely meet most of the user’s needs. It is a nice dust collecting machine that works great and is able to be transported from one place to another with ease. Hence, if you are looking for a shop vacuum dust extractor, you may have already found it in the presence of this unit… Amazon
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