Dust Cutter II Review

Dust Cutter IISawdust and wood chips can cause danger to your respiratory tract as well as your eyes. These unwanted elements are definitely causes of hazards that will affect your health so bad. Cleaning and removing sawdust and wood chips from your workshop are additional burden right? But because of dust collector systems, removing dust is no longer a problem for you. The Dust Cutter II can be a great system if you want to make sure that you will have a cleaner and healthier workplace. This table saw dust collector will help you in ensuring clean working environment. No dust will hit your eyes and you will not be able to inhale dusty air.

Dust Cutter II is especially designed in order to cut the dusts which are produced by homeowner or contractor type of table saws. This has the capability to cut over 90% and it will also help you in eliminating the dust which is also known as carcinogen found in the air, workshop and at home. This table saw dust collector contains zipped bottom as well as shop vacuum connection which makes the process of discharging the wood chips and sawdust quick. This dust cutter contains three operative models such as hook up to shop vacuum, collect then discharge and funnel to container.

This dust cutter can be installed easily and you don’t have to remove it unlike the other dust collectors. This unit can be conveniently attached inside the table saw stand or saw base. Through attaching this table saw dust collection system, this will allow you ease of saw portability. You can also transfer this from one stand going to another. This system is very much fitted to different table saws that contains base measuring 24 inches and above by 20.5 inches which includes models coming from Skil, Craftsman, Ryobi, Black, Delta, Decker, Tradesman, Makita and many more. The table saw dust collection or shop vacuum connection should be attached on the vacuum hoses that measures a diameter of 2 1/2 inches or 1 ¼ inches.

Dust Cutter II Features and Specifications

  • Dust cutter has the capability to cut almost 90% of the sawdust coming from the homeowner and contractor table saws. This duct cutter will ensure that all the produced dust will be eliminated.
  • This table saw dust collector can work compatibly on different table saw stand; you just have to make sure that you will attach it inside of the stand. You can use this either on indoor or outdoor cutting job.
  • Dust cutter II also provides convenient portability.
  • This well fitted to be attached on table saws with base measuring from 24 inches by 20.5 inches.
  • You can connect this table saw dust collector to shop vacuum hoses measuring 2 ½ inches or 1 ¼ inch in diameter.
  • This dust cutter provides easy way and ease of installation.
  • It contains three operating modes namely catch up to shop vacuum, funnel going to bucket and collect and release.

Dust Cutter II Customer Reviews and Ratings

It’s true that this table saw dust collector have already served many customers and it is continuously hitting the trend on market. Many workers have already discovered the efficiency of this dust cutter. This dust cutter has already given its satisfying services to different workshops. It has already helped many shop workers in eliminating the dust in their work site conveniently. To prove it more, one of the customers sad that this dust cutter works really great and it does well the expected task. This was able to catch even heavy sawdust that is falling under the table saw. He was not able to meet any problem regarding on the process of installation, attaching to the table stand and even on the process of emptying the dust to the trash can.

Many have said that is a great product, an excellent one, powerful however as people have their own experiences, one customer have complained that though it works really best but then some of the dust were stuck on the plastic cage which is used in order to keep the bag open. But despite of this drawback, Dust Cutter II was still able to receive a rating of 4.2 which means that many were happy with the performance of this system. This also proves that this dust collector works really best.

To sum it up, Dust Cutter II will surely be very efficient most especially if you were able to mount it very well. This will greatly help you in eliminating the dust and preventing you from inhaling the sawdust. You will not regret that you have this dust collector in your workshop. You will no longer get worried about the dust that fills the air because all are caught by the dust collector. Saw dusts are cut well and dusts are fully eliminated. The dusts and the chips will no longer harm your health.

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