The Dust Deputy – Oneida Dust Collector Review

Oneida Dust DeputyWoodworking is an intricate job that requires more than just skill, but also time. And like other jobs out there, workers also find issues that they often think to avoid, but cannot since it’s a big part of the job. One common part of woodworking is the sanding part. Some of you may find it a frustrating job and others only consider the need to stop after every few minutes as the inconvenient part. But more than that part, it is the dust that accumulates quickly that most workers see as a problem. Stopping is necessary since it should be spent for clearing and cleaning the filter of the vacuum.

Fortunately, there are now solutions that can get rid of dust without the need to stop. One good example of this is the system offered by Oneida. The solution is economical, simple and does not take up much space in your shop. This is the usage of Dust Deputy, a portable dust collector.

Oneida – The Dust Deputy

This Oneida dust collection unit is a solution you can use if you find yourself tired of utilizing your shop vacuum and the results it provides. It is not only a solution to your dust collecting needs, but also one that transforms the shop vacuum along with how you work. It serves as a small cyclone separator placed between the shop vacuum and tool, which then makes use of air flow physics in removing 99% of dust.

What the unit does is trap the collected dust in the barrel itself and not in the shop vacuum. It is capable of filtering about 99% of sanding dust and the remaining percent is the only one that goes to the vacuum. Hence, you are also provided with a solution that promotes prolonging your shop vacuum and filter’s life. The unit is extremely efficient.

Its featured deluxe cyclone is constructed from heavy gauge steel, which is assembled with the use of welded seams. It has a powder-coated finish. The Deluxe Deputy Kit is made from translucent resistant plastic. It is also featuring tapered ports so that it can be connected to most of the hoses of the shop vacuum. The Kit is composed of a molded-poly cyclone separator and 2 five-gallon plastic buckets, hardware for outfitting the shop vacuum and a fitted lid.

Oneida Dust Deputy Dust Collector Features and Specification

  • The product is featuring a kit that has 2 five gallon buckets.
  • It is made from a translucent plastic that is static resistant.
  • It has tapered ports that serve as the place where it can be connected to most of the shop vacuum’s hoses.
  • Claims to be capable of removing 99% of dust, which goes directly to the drum
  • Dust Deputy has features that help in extending the shop vacuum and filter’s life.

Oneida Dust Deputy Dust Collector Customer Reviewer and Ratings

There are a total of 138 consumers who provided a review and rating for Oneida dust collector. 92 of these people rated the product with 5 stars and 31 of them gave a rate of 4 stars. From the reviews made by the consumers, the one that serves well was the one telling that the unit enabled them not to clean the filter yet. Many of the customers have also agreed that it is a nice product for saws, jointers, routers and planers.

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Customers also appreciated that the product was delivered on time. It serves as a nice unit to be paired with shop vacs. It does not only help in collecting dust. The unit is also very mobile. One of the customers reported that they did not see any saw dust from the shop vacuum even after filling the 5-gallon bucket. Users only need to have a rolling platform where the shop vac and dust collector can be placed and you are ready to go! The Dust Deputy collector works just as what was claimed. Also, the fact that the unit proved to its claim about the dust going directly to the bucket made it much easier to maintain. Because of these aspects, many of the customers have stated that they are going to recommend the device.

Combining all the reviews, it is seen that the device works well as expected even with its size.  And even though it is fed with large volumes of dust and chips, the unit still does not clog. The level of power does not even get affected. From this, it can be concluded that Dust Deputy is a product worth buying.

If you are on the search for a portable dust collector, it would be nice to consider Dust Deputy as one of your options. It can make your woodworking job easier and still let you manage your collected dust well.

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