Fein Turbo III 15-Gallon Wet/Dry Vacuum Review

Fein Turbo IIIThis Fein Turbo III dust extractor does three things very, very well: It operates very quietly, it’s easy to maneuver and it’s got incredible power. Though it’s in the same category as other dust collectors and Shop-Vacs, the Fein Turbo 3 really blows them clean out of the water. Of course, it’s not without its flaws. What are the pros and cons of the Fein 9-20-26? Read on to find out.

Fein Turbo III  Quietness: 5 / 5

Most people don’t realize how important having a quiet device is until they have one at home. A standard shop vacuum that you might get from Sears sounds like a helicopter taking off. The same goes for other dust extractors.

Many other vacuums and extractors are so loud that it can actually damage your hearing. They’re loud enough to penetrate doors and annoy everyone in the house, as well as potentially the neighbors. They can’t be run at night simply because of their noise.

The Fein turbo vacuum is so quiet, it sounds like a small handheld household vacuum, while providing the power of an industrial dust extractor. At 3.5 feet, it comes in at only 60 dB.

Fein Turbo III  Usability: 4/ 5

The Fein Turbo III comes with a number of usability features that make it stand out.

For one, the auxiliary power for automatic on and off is truly a blessing. Just plug in your miter saw or your sander straight into the power outlet. The vacuum will turn on when you use your power tool, sucking up all the dust generated. Once you’re done, just turn off your tool and the vacuum will turn itself off as well.

The device has variable suction, with an LED display. This makes it easy for you to vary the suction and the noise level based on the job you’re doing. You can actually clean up at night too, on a lower setting, though it might take slightly longer.

The hose is auto-clearing after dust extraction and the two-stage motor has bypass cooling technology, which makes your Fein 3’s motor last even longer.

Another plus of this device is if you have other Fein tools around the woodworking shop they will hook up directly to the hose without the need of adapters.

Fein Turbo III  Maneuverability: 4.5/5

The Fein Turbo III has been significantly redesigned from its predecessor. One of the big areas of improvement was maneuverability.

The Fein 3 has six wheels instead of four. These six wheels make it smoother to move around and makes turning easier. You can turn in a smooth manner while moving the Fein 3 behind you, instead of having to make sharp turns.

The unit itself has been redesigned as well. The shape has shifted the center of gravity to reduce the likelihood of tipping the unit over. You can now move the Fein 3 turbo quickly or change directions quickly without having to worry about the unit falling.

For cleaning a store quickly, moving from spot to spot, the Fein 3 is just unbeatable.

Fein Turbo III  Power: 4.5/5

One exceptional thing about the Fein is its power, especially given how quiet it is. You can literally pick up a large rock using the Fein 3 turbo. But with the variable power, you can use it for delicate tasks. For instance, one Fein turbo vacuum customer actually uses it to pick up rabbit hairs – right off his rabbits and his carpets. It’s delicate enough to do that.

Fein Turbo III Cleanup: 4/5

By default, the regular 9-20-26 Fein turbo III vacuum comes with a cloth filter. This filter can pick up particles as small as 5 microns. This works for dust from a miter saw, but for finer sanding jobs doesn’t quite cut it. Fortunately, this version utilizes a HEPA cartridge that can capture dust as fine as 0.03 microns – Meaning just about any kind of dust you can imagine.

In short, the Fein turbo is truly a model of German engineering. If you’re on the market for a great dust extractor, look no further than this unit.

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