Festool CT MINI Dust Collector

Festool CT MiniAre you tired of doing the shoving just to collect the mess brought by the dust? It is really a hard time to be doing that extra task all by yourself without the any support. Instead of relaxing after the tiresome work, for sure this task will really knocked you down. If only there is a powerful tool that is being made to help you with this cleaning job. Forget about the “what ifs” in your mind because the Festool company has answer to your need. Have the powerful tool of the year that you should not miss. Introducing the Festool CT MINI 2.6 Gallon Dust Extractor. This works best to help you out and make cleaning job a success. At a glance, it is just a great dust extractor but when you use it, convenience is what it gives you. This product is good for the dust extraction job.

Festool CT MINI 2.6 Gallon Dust Extractor: the Pros and its Product Features

  • The Festool CTL mini dust collector is portable and light weight as it weighs for only 24.7 pounds. It comes with a recessed center handle for easy grip and a Sys-dock feature for easy attachments of the Festool Systainers to the top. For effective maneuver of this tool, it has the easy-to-transport design. It has oversized wheels and foot brakes for easy on/off switch that will not give you the backache to move it from one place to another.
  • Handy because it is tool-triggered operation and has manual switch for easy operation.
  • Enables you perform both wet and dry applications. With this, the other tools are also resistant to the type of work that you will do.
  • There is a fluid-level sensor that will automatically switch off if the container is already full.
  • The Festool CTL MINI can remove dust in your work area amounting to its suction capacity of 99 CFM. The tool has its air flow adjustment as well as the 2.6 gallon capacity to carry those dusts in a quite manner. Unlike other tools, this tool functions effectively without the loud noise. You can trust this product to give you no interruptions in concentrating the task or giving instructions to your co-worker.
  • This product not just comes with the tool but also includes an 11-1/2-foot antistatic hose, two durable bags and one filter. The kink-resistant and flexible hose has its own garage on board, so will not worry for any tangled problem. The filter is both useful for wet and dry applications of your work.
  • This product comes with a limited warranty of three years. Back to back with money back guarantee of one month.

 Festool CT MINI Dust Collector Customer review and ratings

By merely reading customers review, you can impressively tell that this product works at its best. You can say that Festool dust extractor is the genuine product you really should not miss. Aside from its vibrant green color, you can focus more on your work without the problematic noise.

Most of the users have found the Festool dust extractor to be awesome. They have explained that this great Festool CTL MINI dust collector having features that are not found on some other vacuum products out there. Some of the customers have greatly used this product in their work studios such as a ceramic studio.

Another great thing that had surprised lots of customer is that this product is amazingly quite. This means that it helped them a lot to concentrate on their work rather than being distracted by the noise of some similar products. And with the amazing vacuum feature that this tool has, it had made the customers’ workplace cleaner now.

These great reviews garnered a total of 3.8 star rating. It is really not bad for Festool CTL MINI dust collector to get that level of rating coming from the customers who have trusted them to do the cleaning job.

However all advantages has its down sides. The cons include the heavy duty cord and hose is long enough for almost all uses, it really takes time to roll it back in its storage and it is considered expensive. The cord and the hose was intended for all uses and the reason that it takes time to roll it up is  not a basis to brand this product as useless or junk. Not all products will do all the work, so it is on the person who will do the storing job. And when it comes to the price of this product, why settle for an inexpensive product if it will just last up to a couple of months? The product is already in its reasonable price which offers you the best features that you will not get from other similar products. This great deal only comes from this product.

Overall, this powerful Festool dust extractor in town that is indeed a great deal.

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