Grizzly G0548ZP Dust Collector Review

Grizzly Canister Dust Collector
Grizzly Canister Dust Collector

Somewhere with too much dust is not a safe working place. Woodworkers might have found this issue with no available solution before, but that is no longer the case now. Dust collector machines are now available and can be used by these people. The only issue that consumers have to worry about now is choosing the specific device that guarantees efficient work. If you are looking for an efficient dust collector machine, consider the Grizzly dust collector.

Grizzly G0548ZP Dust Collector

This woodshop dust collection machine has a filter that is rated with 1 micron. Its canister filter is 6 times bigger than regular bag filters. The unit also has a built in cleaning brush that can easily be operated from within. The top-mounted level only needs to be moved back and forth for the caked-in dust to be removed from the filter. Within seconds, the unit is back to its full-performance capacity.

This dust collection machine is featuring a steel adapter that is guaranteed heavy-duty. This same feature allows for 3 four inches lines to be connected to it simultaneously. It also has features that enable improvement of its reliability and performance, which is the steel duct present in the impeller going to the filter. The clear base bags allow users to determine the exact time when the chips should be hauled. There are extra bags that are shipped with the machine. These bags are included in the package to help users clean the unit with ease.

The Polar Bear Series version offers the same function and performance. The only difference is that the unit is in the color of white. The device presents a number of primary advantages, which are:

  • Air Capacity – The unit is capable of providing an approximate 1700 CFM air flow capacity. This is made possible because of its 2 HP impeller with a single-phase motor running under 240 volts. The impeller has a measurement of twelve and three fourths inches and it is made from balanced cast aluminum.
  • The Inlet – It has a measurement of 6 inches and has a Y fitting that is removable along with three-inch inlets that can be used with several woodworking machines.
  • Canister – It is made from spun-bond polyester with one micron filter capacity. The canister has a filter that can be cleaned with ease by simply turning the handle seen on top at a half turn. It has 3 cleaning flappers inside which are controlled by the handle. Through this, dust can be shaken from the inside the filter.

Grizzly G0548ZP Dust Collector Features and Specification

  • This dust collector device has a canister filter with 1-micron filter capacity.
  • The total dimension of the canister filter is 19-5 by 8 x 23-5 by 8 inches.
  • The featured bag has a capacity of 5.7 cubic feet.
  • Its featured clear plastic bag delivers quick clamping function.

Grizzly G0548ZP Dust Collector Customer Reviewer and Ratings

At present, there are only 4 customers who rated and reviewed the product and one of them gave the rate of 5 stars. Taking a look at all the made reviews, it can be stated that the device offers good suction. However, there is a drawback to this. One of the customers complained that the machine works very loudly. The user even noticed that the decibels were at 90, which is in big contrast to what the company claimed. Another customer reported that he got a hard time acquiring the product since it was not shipped immediately and when it was, the customer saw a dent on the unit. Fortunately, the customer support was quick on addressing the problem. A replacement of the dented device was immediately sent back leaving a happy customer.

As for the performance of the unit, it does worked great. It may feature some issues, but customers are guaranteed that the unit will still work well when used.


Standard sanitation and safety need to be ensured in all workplaces. The same goes for woodworking areas. It needs to be clean enough to prevent the risk of any health problem from developing. But it is natural for this type to work to involve the accumulation of dust, especially when sanding making it more dangerous to workers.

However, you do not need to suffer from the dust since you only need to find the best dust collecting machine and your work area will be left with no trace of dust. All you need to do is to choose the right one. With this woodshop dust collection unit, you no longer have to do more search since the product is the guaranteed solution you are looking for. It offers guaranteed performance, excellently designed features and efficient functions. The product is offered at the Amazon store if you are interested to make the purchase.

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