Jet 709563 CB-5 Clear Plastic Collection Bags

Collecting dust and wood chips in a workplace is truly a difficult and tiring process. Instead of doing other job, you will spend most of your time in collecting dust. Dust and wood chips are not safe that is why you have to make sure that your workplace is dust free. The use of a dust collector is a good idea because this will surely be a great help in the cleaning process. After a long and tiring day, you will no longer have the energy to clean to workplace right? So in this case, the use of this efficient Jet dust collection bags will save you time from cleaning dust and wood chips.

Jet 709563 CB-5 Clear Plastic Collection Bag

Your problem in collecting dust will now be resolved because of this Jet 709563 CB-5 Clear Plastic Collection. This is one of the dust collection systems that will help you in cleaning and maintaining the cleanliness of your workplace. This product comes with durable and flexible Dust Dog canister filters wherein it enables the Jet dust collection bag to collect all the dust in your workplace 15x smaller compared to standard filters. It features a V-weave canister filter design, five packs of collection bags that measures 20 inches that has the capability to capture small particles. It can collect dust particles which are smaller than 2 microns while the standard cloth collection bags can filter down 30 microns.

This Jet 709563 CB-5 Clear Plastic Collection Bag is built in with Dust Dog filter that helps in reducing air resistance and it also provides 10% to 20% more CFM or Certified Facility Manager compared to conventional or standard dust collector. This product comes with disposable and transparent bags, which makes it easier to determine and tell whether the bag is already full. The especial feature of this dust collector, jet dust collection bag, is made transparent ad disposable so that it will be easier for you to change it if it is already full. The use of this dust collector is one of the most economical ways that can you do.

Jet 709563 CB-5 Clear Plastic Collection Bag Features

  • This Jet collection bag comes with clear and transparent plastic collection bags that can collect dust which are 15 times smaller compared to standard filters.
  • For cleaner work place and environment and lung health, this dust collector can capture particles which are as tiny as two microns.
  • Upon your purchase of this machine, you will be provided with reasonable 5-pack.
  • Compared to standard dust collectors available, this jet dust collection bag can reduce air resistance so that you will be provided with 10% to 20% CFM.
  • The jet bags weigh 2 pounds only.

Jet 709563 CB-5 Clear Plastic Collection Bag Customer Reviews and Scores

The popularity of this dust collector has really reached that far to the extent that there are already lots of customers who have discovered the efficiency and great help of this Jet dust collection bag to their work. It helps in maintaining the cleanliness of their work environment and it is also very helpful in preventing the risks of getting lung complications because of the dust.

One of the customers who have tried to use this dust collector in their workplace said that this jet bag performs flawlessly and excellently. He mentioned that this equipment has the capability to run powerfully even with fully piped workshop. He was able to collect and removed all the dust in their workshop without the need to consume too much time. Another customer said the jet bags fit well, very durable and strong. Most of the customer has given 5 stars and there are also few who have given 4.

Although this equipment is a bit expensive, you are then rest assured that your money will be worth it most especially if you have already discovered its efficiency. You will surely be amazed how it works and how efficient it is especially in collecting even the smallest particles and dust available. Despite how expensive Jet 709563 CB-5 Clear Plastic Collection Bag is, there are still lots of customers who were encouraged to purchase because of its powerful performance.

If you are looking for a dust collector that will not fail in terms of collecting even the smallest particle, you should not look for another product because Jet 709563 CB-5 Clear Plastic Collection Bag is already the collector that will meet all your standards and expectations. You will surely find it helpful and useful in your workplace. Despite its price, in the long run you will still find it worth it because at last your workplace is maintained clean and your health is not compromised. In addition to that, you will not find in difficulty in changing the plastic bags as well as in determining whether it is already full or not because it is made transparent, durable and flexible.

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