Laguna Dust Collector for a Beautiful Shop

Laguna dust collector is a system used in enhancing the quality of air released from commercial and industrial processes. This is possible through collecting dust and other forms of impurities from gas or air. It is usually designed in order to handle high volume of dust loads. Dust collector is normally consists of filter-cleaning system, blower, dust receptacle, dust filter and dust removal system.

The above system can simply create a clean and fresh environment. With its functionality, no doubt many people are using it. No wonder why there are countless of dust collector available in the market. But the question is – are all those dust collectors sufficing the need of obtaining clean and fresh environment as they should be? Well, if you do not know yet the answer, it is best to consider this review of a dust collector product known as Laguna Tools MDC0560 2 HP Cyclone Manual Clean Dust Collector. This is very useful for your shop air filtration

Laguna Tools MDC0560 2 HP Cyclone Manual Clean Dust Collector Features and Specifications:


  • Cleaning System – Hand Wheel Crank
  • Filter –1 Micron Pleated Cartridge
  • Breaker – 20 Ampere, Volt: 220 V 1 Phase, Motor: 2HP TEFC
  • Sound Rating: 74 dB, Suction: 1600 CFM-14.8” Static Pressure
  • The Laguna Tools Dust Collector offers portability and cyclone of a dust collector.
  • It is design to allow the separation of dust and wood particles from an air stream before undergoing in “pleated cartridge filter”.
  • It provides superior air filtration and dust collection in order for the dust and wood particles to not pass within its efficient unit of fan.
  • The dusts are collected in 30 gallon drum having features of separate wheels and quick release for an easy way of emptying.
  • This dust collector also uses “manual filter cleaning” that allows cleaning of the inner part of the filter in just few seconds, which then improves the performance of cleaning and have an optimum cleaning ability.
  • The unique feature of Laguna Tools Dust Collector is its steel frame. It allows disposable bags of staying in place even without being sucked up in the cyclone upon emptying it. As this process continues, it ensures maximum capacity of emptying disposable bags.
  • Upon using this dust collector, you will surely enjoy its high frequency “remote control”. It will allow people to stop and start this machine in almost any part of your shop and other establishments. Doing this will not require a line of sight. Utilizing the remote control instead of the laser one will not interfere with the fluorescent lights.
  • This Laguna Tools Dust Collector is on “swivelling casters” for an easy moving in any kind of establishments.

Laguna Dust Collector Customer Reviewer and Ratings     

Upon reading the customer reviews, there are many and different point of views encountered regarding the product. People find it easy to assemble. There is no need to consume much of their time just for them to use the dust collector. You will find it very solid upon assembling it. But they found out some manufacturing flaws of this product.

The first time people used this dust collector, everything run so well. All the parts of it worked easily together though the wall of the cyclone is a little bit thinner as compared to other dust collectors. You can never find any leaks from its joints especially around its big mouth.

The separation process of wood particles and dust is simply amazing. This is very much enjoyed by people who have wood carving business. They are not worried as how their shop will look clean and fresh. It is all because of the utilization of Laguna Dust Collector. Plus, they found it easy to manipulate with its high quality Laguna dust collector remote control. Wherever the area is, as long as they have the remote control all the dust will turn away leaving the shop freshly beautiful and clean. And it is because of the quality airflow used in this product.

People also love the way the company implement in Laguna Dust Collector its convenient features such as mobility, remote and trash can clamps. Although, there are some quality problems encountered by some of the users of this product. Upon reporting those problems, the company takes an immediate action to solve varied problems of the product. So the new sets of Laguna Dust Collectors in the market are really high qualified. It is proven qualified because there are no reported problems regarding the functions and manufactured design of the product.

There may be countless dust collectors found in the market but not all can guarantee quality service. Why not consider the Laguna Dust Collector? This can be your reliable shop air filtration. This review will simply define how this Laguna dust collector can bring freshness and cleanliness in your shop without requiring you much money.

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