The Long Ranger 3 Remote Dust Collector Switch Review

long ranger 3Today, we review the Long Ranger 3 remote dust collector switch.  No matter what size shop you have, the problems are always the same with the dust collector: you have to walk all the way over to it, away from your machines, turn it on and then go all the way back to make the cut.  Afterwards, you have to walk back, turn the dust collector off and then resume your woodworking.  While this may seem like one of those problems not many people outside of the woodworking field would care much or think twice about, to those of us in the know, it’s a big hassle.

But there’s a simple fix for this and that’s the Long Ranger 3.   The Long Ranger 3 is a dust collector remote switch that allows you simply carry a remote control in your apron or on your tool belt, easily turning your dust collector switch on and off from anywhere in your shop.  With over fifty yards of range, the Long Ranger 3 remote makes your shop safer, cleaner and your life a little bit easier.

Why Use The Long Ranger 3 Remote Dust Collector Switch?

If you’re like most people, your dust collector switch always seems to be in another part of your shop than where you currently are.  Now, this has nothing to do with being lazy, but without a dust collector remote switch, most of us simply won’t bother turning it on for those little one to two minute cuts that we do, especially if we’re far away from our dust collector.  It just doesn’t seem worth the effort.

But what happens is that all those little cuts add up.  You probably notice it yourself, how your shop is dustier when you’re doing detail work where you don’t turn on your dust collector switch, versus times when you keep your dust collector running throughout your entire cutting or planing process.  So, what winds up happening is that a lot of times, we’ll leave our dust collector on the whole day, even when we’re not using it.  This is an extreme waste of resources and energy, not to mention a drain on your wallet.

Enter The Long Ranger 3

And that’s where the Long Ranger 3 remote dust collector swirtch comes into play.  By using the Long Ranger remote dust collector switch, you not only save yourself time and energy, but also money on energy bills and your lungs as well.  By making it easier for you to flip the dust collector on and off from wherever you are in your shop, you can now have a much cleaner shop at the end of the day, resulting in much healthier lungs because you’re not breathing in all that dust.

The Long Ranger 3 is simple to install, as easy as hooking up an extension cord.  Then, you simple program the remote (if necessary; most remotes come perfectly tuned to your dust collector’s frequency already), clip the Long Ranger remote onto your tool belt or apron and you’re ready to go.  With the flick of a switch, your dust collector turns on and off from any location, giving you exactly what you need, for as long as you need it, nothing more, nothing less.

Specs of the Long Ranger 3

The Long Ranger 3 comes with a 220 V remote control transmitter and receiver that is capable of handling up to a 2.5 HP motor and 20 amp relay receiver.  The 25 amp internal circuit breaker is included in the receiver and it’s grounded with a reset button.  Using a R.F. signal, the Long Ranger remote is not affected by any outside interference such as TV transformers, electrical “noise” or three phase power sources.  The FCC approved Long Ranger 3 comes with a 5 foot power cord, but the Long ranger remote dust collector switch gives you all the range you could ever ask for in your shop.

Getting The Best Price on the Long Ranger 3 Remote Dust Collector Switch

If you’re ready to make your shop cleaner, safer and more convenient for all of your wood working purposes, the Long Ranger 3 is just what you need. The only real caveat to this device (and why we rated it a 4 instead of 5) is because this unit is wired for 220v circuits. So if most of your tools are 110v or your garage/work space isn’t wired for 220v you will need to get the 110v version. You can read the reviews for the Long Ranger 3 110v remote dust collector switch, version here.

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