Oasis Machinery Portable Air Cleaner

Oasis Machinery DC 1700Finding the right tool to help you in your job is not that easy. Before you can find the best tool to be your partner in work, you need to purchase a different product from other brands. For instance, you are considering the idea of purchasing a brand new dust collector tool to replace your old ones but it is really hard to decide which among the tons of products offered online is best for you.. Are you still looking for the best dust collector to do the dust collecting job for you? Do not search for any other brand of dust collector online because Oasis Machinery has come up with the best product in town. This is genuinely product comes from the line best woodworking dust collectors that is amazingly top the other brands when it comes to the product that is a portable cleaner and other special features all in one.

Oasis Machinery DC1700 Portable Air Cleaner is the newest name that you should be aware of. This product has amazingly shop air cleaner that excellently sucks and leaves your workplace truly dust-free.  Whether you use it for table top sanding or wood carving applications, it really can shove away the dust in the area, therefore truly making it an ideal dust collector tool. To give you the best things about the product being made the Oasis Machinery; check on its product features.

Oasis Machinery Portable Air Cleaner Product features:

  • The product comes in a portable and compact size. You may view it as a very heavy but it is lightweight. The handy size of 8″ x 10-3/8″ x 23″ cabinet comprises all the fans and filters.
  • It has 3 fan variable speeds for maximum performance.
  • It is an efficient self-contained dust collection with three 110V unit motors. Each of this motor has a running amp of 1.29 per motor.
  • It has a maximum airflow of 720 CFM. It has adjustable plastic doors with adjustable hood to funnel dust.
  • It has a removable filter for easy cleaning. It has a 40% filter Specification at every 1 micron
  • There are 2 grounded 110V auxiliary outlets for tools.

Oasis Machinery Portable Air Cleaner Customer Reviews and Ratings

Assessing on the different reviews of the customers, it reveals that this box-type portable cleaner is not just good in cleaning the dust but also makes each customer happy and satisfied.

Most of the customer has viewed this product as an excellent one when it comes to the dust collecting job. It has three built-in fans that have variable speed adjustment for maximum performance. It is Fast in the cleaning job but runs quietly. It is also considered by some customers as an ideal tool especially on small projects doing wood carving, sanding miniature lathe and others keeping it indoor. With the plexi glass doors situated at the back of the door, it is nicely built for the dust storage. It may be bigger on size but fits well in a standard desktop or work table. The customers did not expect the excellent features of this dust collector to have these three powerful fans that has variable speed to perform excellently on its job. There is no small or too big job to collect all the dust because this product has the overall capacity of 720 CFM maximum airflow.

This tool really gives you a great deal rather than to shop air cleaner of the different brands. These reviews have gained a 4.6 star rating. It just means that this is really an excellent tool. Surprisingly, the customers behind these excellent reviews have even highly recommended this product to all prospective buyers to make a switch to this excellent one. They even added that you can get more from what you paid for.

About the downside of this product, the only complaint is that it is not capable for removing soldering fumes or even for a resin dust. But it may be weak for some but for others it was an ideal tool.

Weakness of the said product may not be avoided. That is why the reason why it has its review is to know if it has any disadvantages. And if it has, the manufacturers will find its way to come up with another product that will answer the increasing demand of the people. It is not that the product is not good having those weaknesses. But the manufactures will find ways to come up with another great product for their dear customers.

Overall, this portable cleaner is the heavy duty thing that you need to complete your tools in your studio. You can get more than what you have expected. The reasonable price for this product is just another reason why many people are purchasing this product. It is the best product in town that you need to have because it the newest product in town.

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