Porter-Cable 7812 10-Gallon 1-1/2-Horsepower Wet / Dry Vacuum Review

Porter-Cable 7812The Wet/Dry vacuum is a fantastic all around shop cleaning tool. Whether you have a large, multi-man operation or a small one man operation, this vacuum can more than handle all your vacuuming needs. With powerful 9 amp, 1-1/2 horsepower motor and a 10-gallon capacity, this vacuum can handle just about anything you throw at it.

How does the porter cable wet dry vacuum compare to other vacuums on the market? Let’s take a look.

Porter-Cable 7812 Filtration: 4.5 / 5

The Porter-Cable Wet Dry vacuum boasts a 99.85% filtration rate. That’s an incredibly high rate by anyone’s standards.

A lot of people don’t realize just how much dust actually leaves a run of the mill Shop-Vac. Most Shop-Vacs are only efficient at filtering out dust particles larger than 1 micron. That sounds very small, but if you’ve run a shop for any amount of time, you’ll know it’s not.

A lot of dust that’s smaller than 1 micron gets blown right back out of most Shop-Vacs. With the Porter-Cable Wet/Dry vacuum, that doesn’t happen. All that dust is sucked right in and filtered into the bag, never to see the light again.

The Porter-Cable Wet Dry Vacuum is great for trickier pickups, like solid-surface dust or drywall.

Porter-Cable 7812 Versatility: 5 / 5

The Porter-Cable Wet/Dry vacuum can be used in conjunction with just about any kind of power tool, in just about any situation. You can use it with table saws, with miter saws, with belt sanders, with orbit sanders, with chop saws or just about any other kind of tool you can think of.

You can also use the Porter-Cable Wet/Dry vacuum in a lot of different places. Of course you can use it in your shop. You can also use it in your car, your garage, your boat or any other work space.

 Porter-Cable 7812Ease of Use: 5 / 5

There’s a built-in outlet on the vacuum for power tools to plug into. This is how the automatic on-off feature works. Just plug your power tool into the vacuum and turn it on. The vacuum will automatically turn on as well, sucking up any dust generated from your work.

Once you’re done, just turn off your power tool. The vacuum will continue to suck in air for another 15 seconds to clear out its hoses, then it’ll automatically shut off.

There are a lot of attachments you can use with the Porter-Cable vacuum. These attachments allow you to extend the functionality of the vacuum for all kinds of other purposes. The attachments fit snugly and easily (no shoving or pressing needed.)

If you don’t already have the attachments, it might be a good idea to pick up an accessory kit.

Porter-Cable 7812 Easy to Clean: 4.5 / 5

This vacuum really went full tilt on its filtration system. Dirt, dust and debris is collected in a paper bag. On top of the bag is a pleated filter that’s very easy to change. There’s even a built-in switch you can hit to dust off the filter. On top of the main filter, you also have a foam filter for catching finer particles. You can simply rinse the filter with water if dust builds up.

Changing the bag is very simple. The latch system is easy to operate and the bag comes right out. Keeping your filters clean and your bags changed takes less than 3 minutes.

As far as wet / dry vacuums go, the Porter-Cable 7812 vacuum really takes the cake. It’s easy to clean, it’s easy to use, it has a ton of time saving features, it’s versatile and most importantly it has an incredibly high filtration rate..

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