Powermatic Dust Collector PM1300TX-CK Review

Powermatic Dust CollectorA Powermatic dust collector is a popular brand in the woodworking industry. Now it is presenting one of its highly-reviewed products, the Powermatic PM1300TX-CK Dust Collector. There are many reasons why you might want to add this power tools to your box kit. But the top reason would be if you want to keep your working place clean at the end of the day without putting much effort into it. If that is the case, this dust collector can serve you well in that aspect. The unit can help you clean your working area and keep it maintained by simply allowing it to do its job. Afterwards, you can proceed to getting your day’s worth of rest.

Powermatic Dust Collector

The Powermatic dust collector is integrated with a 1.75 HP motor and features a 10 cubic feet capacity. The sound it produces is only in the range of 75 to 90 decibels. Its primary feature is its TurboCone technology, which is the one that promotes improvement in the chip separation so that filter clogging can be prevented. The technology helps in increasing the collector bag’s packing efficiency as well. Powermatic PM1300TX-CK is the perfect combination of simplicity and power making it easy to use and productive.

Its canister filter is offering superior area for filtering, which is much better than standard bags. The unit claimed to capture up to 98% of 2 micron particles. This Powermatic dust collector offers a digital timer, which can be set up to a maximum of 99 minutes. It has a built-in infrared sensor allowing users to control the operation through a remote control. Air flow and rigidity is improved through its featured all-metal duct. Collector bags are designed to be clear and it offers a large capacity. The swivel casters along with the handles are designed to enable easy mobility.

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The overall design of the unit is conveniently made resulting in a straightforward performance. Collector bags only need to be changed for a few times because of its large capacity. When needed, just snap the ring and quick installation as well as removal will take effect. The 12-inch diameter impeller is powered by a motor with 3 HP enabling the delivery of maximum performance.

Powermatic Dust Collector PM1300TX-CK Features and Specification

  • This woodshop dust collection unit from Powermatic has a cone that eliminates the risk of the filter getting clogged to ensure sustained performance.
  • The dual 4-inch ports enable simultaneous collection of dust coming from 2 machines.
  • There is a digital timer that can be set for an optimum of 99 minutes. This digital timer is remote controlled.
  • There is a snap ring integrated in the unit used in quickly installing and removing collection bags.
  • The 4 HP motor of the unit provides sufficient amount of power to enable effective air movement.Powermatic dust collector comes with a 5-year warranty.

Powermatic Dust Collector PM1300TX-CK Customer Reviewer and Ratings

Looking at all the reviews made by customers on this Powermatic dust collector, one can see that most of it is positive. They loved that the system works well when collecting dust in their workshop. Many users noticed the big difference of this unit’s performance from other dust collector devices. They stated that they already owned the best dust collector in the industry, but quickly changed their mind when they encountered and started using the Powermatic unit. With this industrial dust collector, they no longer have to collect bags several times. There is also a way of knowing when the bag already needs to be changed since it is clear.

Above all, this Powermatic dust collector offers powerful suction. Many of the reviewers also loved the extra features designed with the duct collector like the remote which served for the start or stop function of the unit. The unit works quietly as well and the assembly of the product does not require any assistance at all. There is the metal canister as well, which serves nicely in removing dust compared to other brands.  At the end of the day, you will see a noticeable difference with the lessened amount of dust present in the shop if your work place is equipped with this unit.

If there is one thing guaranteed with Powermatic dust collection bags. It is that your workshop will become dust free again. The unit is very easy to assemble with all the parts needed already there. The instructions for the assembly are easy to read and understand. The unit can be used with other power tools, including table sanders, table saw, bandsaw, planers, router tables and many more. Looking for the best dust collector may be a hard task for some, but not anymore with this unit already at your disposal. So, if you want an easy means of keeping the cleanliness in your workshop, it is best to consider this product.

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