PSI Woodworking DBGULP Big Gulp Dust Hood: Your Excellent Partner in Cleaning Job

PSI Woodworking Big GulpIsn’t it nice to have an excellent tool that will help you after your wood work? It is really good to find quality and efficiency in one great tool that will never let you down during the cleaning process. It is happy to know that PSI woodworking products are here to be the partner that you can trust. The newest product in town and is the #1 best seller among the dust hood products offered online. This product will not be hailed as the #1 best seller in the shop if it is made from a low quality material, right? Rather than making you unhappy, this product will give you the hassle-free in the cleaning the mess brought by the wood. Just let the big gulp dust hood to do the job.

PSI Woodworking DBGULP Big Gulp Dust Hood: its Pros and Product Features

  • Find the convenience that you have been looking in other products as this product only weighs 2.2 pounds and has the powerful 13 x 16 x 10 inches dimensions. Excellent product to have this weight that gives you the safeties during the operations.
  • And the opening of this amazing heavy duty dust hood is that it has a 13×16 inches opening. This really works good to catch even the finest dust from your wood carvings and other wood related projects.
  • Easy to carry and is compatible to connect to any dust collection system with its 4-inch port.
  • Big gulp dust hood that is portable and lightweight as it is made from 100% tough ABS plastic.
  • This mighty product is perfect for miter saws, radial arm saws, lathes, sanding, carving, planers who happens without a dust hood.
  • For some reasons that this product was broken upon delivery, don’t stress yourself right away. This product comes in 2 year limited warranty. It only means that you can always depend on the products made by PSI woodworking company.

PSI Woodworking DBGULP Cons

  • There is no stand or plastic tabs molded around it to make way to mount the hood. Making it easier to set up.
  • There is no tool to shovel the bigger debris coming from the wood carvings to shove it down and out of the dust hood.

Big Gulp Dust Hood Customer Reviews and Scores

The main reason why this product is branded to be the number one best seller online is because of the increasing number of customer to purchase this one amazing product. There was already lots of satisfied customer who keeps on sending their good reviews about this product.

One customer has described this product as the product that works really great with his radial arm saw. He has even exclaimed that this is truly a trusted partner for years.

Another customer has found it efficient when it comes in the dust collecting job. There is no big or small debris that this excellent funnel cannot handle.  Truly, it is the best product in town.

One customer has included the reason why he had purchased tis product in his review. He had this product to be an aid to catch the dust from the sliding compound miter saw. About forty percent of the dust was efficiently caught by this product. And at the end of his review, he have describe this as nothing as great as this to be effective as ever. A stationary tool should be with this to efficiently catch the dust.

Another even added his great review to even testify the effectiveness of this product. He indeed describes it as the strong large stuff being made from abs plastic. The large opening it can suck huge amounts of dust. Having it nicely positioned, he said that about 90% of the dust generated by the saw was caught by this.  And this big gulp dust hood never bothers him in setting up because it really works best.

There lots of good reviews of the many customers who have used it. All of their reviews got four and even 5 star score.


The amazing product brought by the PSI woodcarving team had proven that they have made all their products from high quality materials and even passed the standards set up by the industry. It is indeed the best partner to do the collecting job in terms of the dust. There may be some disadvantages that the customers have found after using this product. You can be rest assured that this company will be coming up with new innovations to help you more in your job. And your suggested modification to be done in this product will not be disregarded. It will pave way to another great product that is of the high quality but at a very reasonable price. Over all, this big gulp dust hood offers you a great deal that every wise customer should ever miss.

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