Rockler Dust Right Wall Mount Dust Collector Review

Are you familiar with the great dust collector? If not, this is popularly known as the Rockler Dust Right Wall Mount Dust Collector. This is the newest available product in market, today. If you will asked some workshop owners and even woodworkers about the dust collector that they like, it is for sure that they will say the name of this product. It is not just they like it; they simply love it because it is one of the great dust collectors. It has lots of features which will make you understand and realize why people, either from small or large workshop, have high regards for this product.

Rockler Dust Right Wall Mount Dust Collector

This Rockler dust collection has the capability to handle anything most especially when it comes to the job of collecting dust. It comes with a great suction capacity plus a heavy duty motor that guarantees a great performance in collecting dust. If you are that type of person that does not want any noise in cleaning, well, you should really find out more about this product. It is because you will surely love one of its features. Whether the dust is created by a band saw, woodworking saw, planer and others, this dust collector is sure to collect all types of dust.

When it comes to its physical features, well this product has a great design as you can easily place or mount on the wall for a more efficient dust collecting operation.

Rockler Dust Right Wall Mount Dust Collector Features and Specifications

There are lots of great things that you should know about this product. You can all find it out on the following features and specifications:

  • It has an impressive suction capacity of 650 CFM. It has 12 ampere motor that works all together with 60 Hz, 3/4 Horse Power and 110 Volt. This heavy duty performance of motor provides you with the assurance that it will collect all the dust particles to maintain the cleanliness of your workplace.
  • The Rockler Dust Right motor has sealed bearings and shaft that gives you a longer time to clean plus it is not that noisy so there is no problem about it.
  • It has a mounting hardware and Z-Bracket that will allows you to mount it easily at your working place or wall plate that measures 14 by 14 inches and has an effective station made for the dust collection job.
  • Don’t worry if it would mean collecting lots of dust as you have a wide place to clean up. It is because this Rockler dust collection comes with an inlet 4” hose which is already enough to collect even the tiniest dust particle.
  • The inlet hose and motor comes hand in hand with a standard 30-micron bag that has 15 gallon capacity. This is truly the right bag to use when you need to clean a larger area.
  • You can also use the Rockler Dust Right other bag that is 5-micron bag to replace the original bag but it is just the same in terms of capacity and size. The only difference between these bags is that it can retain the finer type of particle.

These are the great features and specifications of this product. With all of these, it had simply showed how efficient the product is when it comes to collecting dust.

Rockler Dust Right Wall Mount Dust Collector Customer Reviews and Ratings

If you are looking for the best product in town, well, all you need to do is to search the online stores and presto! You will be given with tons of results for the best products in town today. But the difficult part of this is that you are not sure it is really the best one that is suitable for the cleaning job. Good to know that this review is created to guide all those purchasers, just like you, who are looking for the best one in town. This review is for Rockler dust collection product

By merely reading all the features and specifications of this product, you can already know that it will be the efficient equipment to be use in cleaning one’s place after work.  Well, almost majority of the customers have simply given this product the high star ratings. All of them have simply find it great in cleaning their shops most especially for dust collecting job. Aside from its quiet and powerful motor, it has also an easy gripped handle for ease in cleaning. Plus the Rockler dust collection dust bags can store all the dust without blocking the airflow.

Another great thing to know about this product is that it comes with a very reasonable price and warranty. So you are guaranteed not just with the great quality dust collector but also with its price. For the best product that is suitable for collecting dust, Rockler Dust Right is truly the best in it’s class.

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