Shop Fox W1830: A Dust Collector and a Portable Air Cleaner in Your Workshop

Shop Fox W1830Are you a wood worker who is looking for a dust collector that is reliable to clean the dust in your shop? Shop Fox W1830 is your best option. It is Shop Fox Tools that collect dust in your shop. This is an easy way to clean up your workshop using. This can give your shop a nice and clean working space without difficulties in your part.

Product Features of Shop Fox W1830:

  • Air filter
  • Contain timer and remote control
  • Five micron outer
  • One micron inner filters
  • With adjustable and control panel that easy to understand
  • Small package but great results
  • With eye bolts
  • Certified CSA
  • The weight is approximately thirty four pounds

Shop Fox W1830 Pros

The Shop Fox W1830 is a portable air cleaner that is very unique from the rest of the dust collection. This Shop Fox tool is easy to operate because it has remote and timer control that are very convenient to use. No need to push the button on the machine for you to control the timer and it’s on and off button. The air filter speed capacity can greatly maintain the cleanliness during working time in your shop. Apparently, the speed can be set up in different level of speed.

The painless to read panel is also easy to control. So, the Shop Fox W1830 is easy to operate. The air filter has three sets of choices speed, from normal to fast speed of the air flow. You just chose the number of speed that you want. It is quite and composed at any speed level. This  You can also leave your shop while the machine is working just estimate the speed that require before leaving your workshop so that there is no trouble when you come back.

The micron filters work to eliminate the dust from the air in your working area. The proper cleaning of filters is also made easy for you. The filters can be washed by water and dry it to maintain its cleanliness so that you can use it for the next operations. The Shop Fox offers replacement for the filters for you to have assurance that your money will not be wasted due to malfunctioning of the Shop Fox tools.

The Shop Fox W1830 has great functions despite of its size of dust collector. It has great help even if it is small, the good thing that this is portable air cleaner that surely clean the air in your workshop. The eye bolts and chains are big help because it can be hanged to the place you desire.

Inexpensive Fox Shop tools for any one that requires an air cleaner in the shop.

 Shop Fox W1830 Cons

You need to go near to the machine using the remote control for easy receiving of signal. The micro filters are no assurance on how it will lasted because it depends to the users of how often they use and wash filters.

Costumer reviews and scores

The customers are generally happy with Shop Fox W1830. They chose the product and become satisfied for the service it gives in their shop. The customers look for a product offered by company that can be used in their air dust cleaning in their shop, and then they found the Shop Fox W1830, so they grabbed it immediately to try its ability for air cleaning. Its Shop Fox tools are very convenient to use in the workshop. The customer wished that they found the product earlier so that they never experience the difficulty in cleaning their workshops.

The customers also love the speed rate to be chosen. The speed can be set in different number of speed ability. The product has enough instructions on how to set it up to function.

The units of Shop Fox W1830 can be hanged and can put on their bench and works great. The met and exceed expectations of the buyers. It has great use to them.

This portable air cleaner solved the air dust not just in their wood shop but also area of other workshops.

Viewing the customer reviews can assist you on how to shop the products and help you to judge or agree if the product is certainly good for your needs and uses.


Finding a product to satisfy your needs is easy if you just examine and analyze all the features and ability of the product. The customer reviews can help you to decide if the product is good or not to buy. You should choose the right product that can work well for you.

The Shop Fox W1830 has the capability on helping you with your cleaning problem in your workshop because it is made that exactly intended for your dust collector and air cleaning tool. However,  when you choose it, there is no regrets for sure. A big help in workshops for little cost of items that is Shop Fox W1830 can do for you.

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