Shop-Vac Workshop Sawdust Collection System

The Shop-Vac-8017562- Workshop Sawdust Collection System is a machine used in collecting chips and sawdust. This is one of the most effective sawdust collection systems available in the industry today. Due to its convenient and innovative features, many are already encouraged to use this sawdust collection system. These dust collection systems are truly great because of its capability to collect chips and sawdust. This system will truly be very beneficial for you if you want to make sure that all wood chips as well as sawdust will be completely collected. Sawdust and wood chips maybe hazardous most especially if you have breathed it.

Shop-Vac-8017562-Workshop Sawdust Collection System

The Shop-Vac-8017562-Workshop Sawdust Collection System provides easy way of cleaning and is very easy to set up. You just have to attach the collection system into any kind of Shop-Vac with 2.5 inches in diameter hose. These systems are basically compatible with different kinds of Shop-Vac; you just have to make sure that the hose diameter is right. It doesn’t matter if the vacuum is either wet or dry because these systems will still function.

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The system is very efficient when it comes to collecting sawdust from woodworking machine. Because of its wall mount and modular design, you can use this effectively into different kinds of workshops. This features a clear PVC tube that measures 8 by 36 inches. The system also contains six vacuum gates, five tube couplings and ten mounting clamps that contain mounting hardware. It also includes degree elbows measuring 3 by 45, four Tee-y fittings and another degree elbows that measures 2 by 90. This system will surely be very helpful if you want to ensure that you are working on a safe and comfortable place. This is very well fitted in all types of stationary woodworking equipment and tools so you will not find any difficulty in using it.

Shop-Vac-8017562-Workshop Sawdust Collection System Features and Specifications

  • The Workshop Sawdust Collection is very ideal if you want to clean your workshop. All wood chips and sawdust will be collected. It will easily and quickly collect the sawdust as well as chips on your stationary woodworking equipment and tools.
  • This is constructed with clear collection tubes made of PVC which measures 8 by 36 inches.
  • This sawdust collection system is composed of 3 by 45 degree elbows, 2 by 90 degree elbows, five tube couplings, six vacuum gates, ten mounting clamps along with mounting hardware and four Tee-Y fittings.
  • This sawdust collection system can powerfully and efficiently used either on wet or dry duct collection system or on vacuum. Just be assured that the dust collection system or your vacuum contains hose that measures 2-1/2 inches.

Shop-Vac-8017562-Workshop Sawdust Collection System Customer Reviews and Ratings

Based on all the customer reviews and ratings given to Workshop Sawdust Collection System, it seems like many were happy with this sawdust collection system. Aside from enabling you to clean your workshop, you will be able to breathe clean and fresher air. After your work, you will be able to collect the wood chips and sawdust on your workshop. Your workshop will surely be cleaned well.

Most of the users who have utilized this sawdust collection system have said that this is great and very efficient. As a matter of fact, one of the customers said that he was able to install it easily. He was able to use another 4 90 elbows which makes it easier for him to clean he shop. This was truly perfect for his needs. According to him, this is really a great product because of its efficiency. You can never expect for anything because this will surely be very helpful for you.

But behind of the benefits of this sawdust collection system, the customers have also recognized certain drawbacks. Some of the complaints of the customers include the size of the system. One of the customers said that his money was greatly valued and he also agrees that this excellent however he said that this is only good for small workshops. Another complaint is that, the system splits and jams easily.

Workshop Sawdust Collection System was able to receive a rating of 3.7. This is already a high rating and this also proves that many were happy having this on their workshop. The installation process is very easy and the overall package is all functioning well. This rating proves that system is truly powerful. At its great and affordable price, it will not be a great burden on your part. Just imagine how useful and helpful it would be in ensuring that the chips and sawdust will not cause any danger to you.  Cleaning the sawdust and wood chips through the use of broom will surely be too much time consuming unlike if you are going to attach the sawdust collection system into your dust collection systems or vacuum, the cleaning process will be done quickly.

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