Steel City Tool Works 65110 1 HP Dust Collector

Steel City Tool Works 65110Are you a woodworker who wants a tool that can help you cleaning the dust without difficulties on your part? There are dust collectors that will surely grant your requests. There are tools that are designed for you to use in your small or large workshops. This will make your task easily done without the hassle and problems. Instead of using your body to perform to collect the dust in your shop, this is the way to decrease your task. You will not get tired cleaning all the dust that you left in your shop because dust collector will now just do it for you. You can now have the best dust collector and shop dust collection. By this product review you will know the capabilities of this product that guarantee a big help to those who want to shop for this dust collector. The Steel City Tool Works 65110 1 HP is a kind of dust collector that provides your needs in your workshops. Steel city tool works has the features that will make it the best choice for you.

Steel City Tool Works Dust Collector

Product Features:

  • Motor: ½ HP DC, 115V, 60 Hertz
  • Max. CFM: 700 CFM
  • Bag filtration: 1 micron
  • Decibel reading: 87dB
  • Two years warranty
  • Weight: 84 pounds
  • Color: gray
  • Product dimensions: 30.7 x 17 x 15.5 inches
  • 1 HP Dust Collector
  • Built-in casters heavy duty construction base
  • Keyed Type Safety Switch
  • Precision Spin-Balanced Impeller
  • 1 HP TEFC Induction motor

It has a micro bag which is washable that provides you greater filtration because it make use of typical equipment. Its provides high performance because of its 1HP TEFC Induction motor totally bounded, always lubricated motor and fan cooled for long lasting use and reliability.

The steel city tool works is easy and quick to assemble. Having 84 pounds of weight, the users can assure that the steel city tool works provide excellent performance. Despite of its weight, it can still be moved from one place to another because of its ball casters. The large parts are pounded steel with types of dense coating which are fairly heavy, it has nice firm texture. The bag at the lower area is not easy to attach but it helps out when you use magnet to adjust the clamp.


Though it costs a price but the steel city tool works is worth the price. There is nothing wrong to try the products when you know that is has the capability to help lessen your work. The Steel City Tool Works is there to resolve your problem in cleaning.

Customer Reviews and Scores

Different dust collector reviews will be your guide that can help you to choose and to shop from the best dust collection. Viewing the positive reviews of the customer will encourage you to buy because through them you will know if it has the quality. The majority of the customers were satisfied by the products they purchased. Having backgrounds information of the products, assist them to choose what best tools they can use for dust collector. For them it is very suitable, effective and convenient for their workshop. This makes the job well done efficiently and effectively whether their shops are large or small.

There are customers who mentioned that assembling the product is fast and easy. The users also like the element that steel city tool works dust collector has, it is also more quitter than they expected. Though it has significant noise, but it went together without any problems.

The customers were very happy with the products. The most usual criticism about most big tools is they are easily damaged. But, this dust collector even it took long hours performing, it will not easily get damaged.  The dust collector has full details and instructions which are clearly written and secured packaged for the customers’ guide use. It has no significant flaws; it is a good, powerful tool.  Other comments include how being fantastic and reliable the dust collector was. The customer thought that it could vacuum even tennis balls and other similar items.

The customers will definitely want to buy this product again if they needed it for second time. Although they found some weakness with this product, it doesn’t worry them to try this product. If there are flaws about the product, it has a new replacement for that. The customers also love the customer service the company gives, they treat the customer well even through phone calls and if it is in personal.


The overall performance of this machine is totally worth the price. It is highly recommended for everyone that wants a machine that can help to reduce their tiredness when it comes to cleaning the shop dust particularly those coming from woodworks. This steel city tool works are heavy equipped materials for cleaning purposes. It is important to choose the best product for the best performance for the benefits of both the shops and of course, for your benefits.

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